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From:  Bob the Teacher
Learning mini-site creation step by step, without paying an expensive webmaster

Dear Frustrated Friend,

You have ideas about your business, you know there's plenty of profit to be made, and you are certain that taking your business to new heights is a primary goal for 2007.  And you know that the internet is your vehicle to great success.

But, one major obstacle is standing in your way, and frustrating your progress when it comes to building your business online:

You can't answer the question...

"Why Is My Webmaster Making More
Money From My Website Than I Am?"

There's no doubt that paying a webmaster to do hard core work is a smart move -- as long as the revenue that results far exceeds the money you are paying to your webmaster. 

But when you're just getting started, a lot of fees and costs that come with setting up your first websites are jacked-up and unnecessary!  

Here are typical fees that I see online for website services:

Services Typical Fees Charged By Webmasters Actual Costs We Teach You How To Budget
Hosting Account $10/month
for each domain
Under $10/month for up to 20 domains or more
Domain Registration $15-$25 Under $10
Basic Edits To The Text Of Your Site $40/hour
or more!
Maintaining Your Autoresponder and List $100/month
or more!
$20/month plus a small amount of your time

Total Costs:

Over $200/month

Under $40/month

Are you interested in saving over $150/month in website maintenance?  Would that help you?

Let me show you how easy it is to get your own websites up and running quickly -- and at a fraction of the cost that most hosting companies and other internet service providers will charge you.

For the last 7 years, I've served as a webmaster and designer for schools, small businesses, and summer camps.  I'm on the inside of this industry, and I know the difference between what it costs to put up a website, and what people like you and me have to pay somebody else to do it for us.

But even I don't have all the answers.  A short time ago, I was struggling with my online business -- it was stuck in a rut, and I couldn't figure out where to turn.  I was trying to work a network marketing company and paying out the nose for leads, chasing down prospects, etc. 

I was going nowhere with my business. 

Then I learned about Mini-Sites:  very specific, laser targeted websites that the search engines love, and more importantly:  so do the customers.

I'm ready to learn now...

Let Me Introduce You To
The Mini-Site Master Builder, Dan Kelly....

Even though I had developed dozens of websites for my clients, I had never heard about Mini-Sites.  Like many others, I believed that a website had to be dozens of pages linked together with an intricate navigation system.

To find out more about this, I called on a person I had recently met, Dan Kelly.  I met Dan in Baltimore, Maryland, near where I live, at The Internet Marketing Main Event 2.  And after talking with him for a just a few minutes, I began to see a much bigger picture of what Mini-Sites can do for an online business. 

He's known around the internet as the go-to guy for building mini-sites.  I wanted to pick his brain to find out his top recommendations for people who are brand new to online business building.

Dan agreed to help, and we spent two hours on a live call a short time ago, answering the biggest questions that my members had asked me to throw at Dan. 

Questions like...

  • How do you get a domain name without falling for all those "extras" most companies throw at you when you order?

  • Do I really need all that web space, or should I go for the basic account?

  • How do you really get started in this industry?

  • What the heck does an autoresponder actually do?

  • How can you make any money with such a small, single page website?

  • and a dozen more....

Dan didn't hold back with his responses.  I was floored with the amount of excellent information he gave to the callers that night.

The people on the call listening intently learned a great deal in a short time.  And now, I want to share the complete transcripts of this awesome call with you right now. 

I've been in the classroom for 10 years, and I've also been a teacher trainer and mentor teacher for much of that time.  I consider myself a fairly good judge of talent when it comes to teachers. 

Dan Kelly knows how to deliver instruction, and you'll soon read exactly what I'm talking about when you claim your free membership today

What Can You Learn
With These Transcripts?

Join me as Dan Kelly reveals how you can build Mini Web Sites that will:

  • Pump profits into your bank account

  • Establish yourself as an authority

  • Promote your own products

  • Promote other people's products

  • Build your list with Mini-Sites

  • Make 2007 Your Best Year Yet!

More importantly, you'll have a chance to learn just how easy it is to be your own webmaster, saving you money and time as you build your mini-sites. 

If You Can Build One Mini-Site,
You Can Build A Hundred

What you are about to learn will transform your business forever.  Once you learn the basics of creating Mini-Sites, you can create dozens of profit pulling pages for a passive income you are dreaming of right now. 

Imagine, instead of paying a webmaster $200, $450, or even $850 per month, you could build your own sites and use that money for business expenses you really should outsource.  Tasks like graphics, advertising, copywriting, etc., are much better targets for your limited budget than the basic tasks of running your own websites.

Plus, you may be surprised to learn that once you know how to build mini-sites, other people will be willing to pay you to do their sites for them, or teach them how to build their own sites, too!

At $40, $65, or $90 per hour or more, you can take this education and turn it into a great side income while you build your targeted online business.

"If It's That Good,
Why Are You Giving It Away?

The content of this call is certainly worth $97.  In fact, to get Dan to give you a personal one on one coaching, you'd have to pay him about $275 for a two hour consultation. 

I was all set to put up a sales page for the transcripts.  And since they run about 55 pages, I knew that $47 would be very fair price.  However, I was going to go even better and charge only $17!

But then it hit me....

As I teach people about building their businesses online, I continue to see that learning the basics of setting up websites is a common gap in knowledge.  

This stuff is too important to charge for.  So I decided to do the unthinkable...

I'm going to give away these transcripts for free. 

The way I see it, if I can show you the basics of making websites, I can begin to teach you advanced strategies through my other services that I offer.  Until you know these basics, however, you'll always be struggling to get off the ground.

Better still, I'm going to provide you with an 8-Step Action Plan eCourse to make sure you follow through with Dan's teaching.  This way, you can make money sooner, and hopefully you'll be a long term customer of mine for years to come.    

Special Fast Action Bonus For Joining Today

Bob The Teacher's
MiniSites Profits Step-By-Step

Your free membership to is even more valuable, as you'll also receive an 8-Step Action Plan eCourse, helping you through the process of setting up your own Mini-Sites.

During our call, and after re-reading the transcripts, I took notes on the key ingredients to successfully build Mini-Sites.  I know what Dan teaches works, because I take these steps on a weekly basis for my Mini-Sites.   

The MiniSites Profits Step-By-Step eCourse is my own 8 Step Action Plan to guide you along your journey, broken up into digestable pieces and delivered right to your inbox for easy reading. 

This eCourse is easily a $25 addition to the membership, but as my future long-term customer, you get it free today.

In case you haven't figured it out yet....

I really want you to succeed with your online business!  And I'm willing to give you the tools to get started right away.   

The only step that's left to take, is for you to complete your free membership enrollment, with the form below. 

Bonus #2:  Finally - Important Answers To
The 7 Questions You Didn't Know To Ask
About Web Hosting

In this special report, you'll learn...

  • The real difference between websites, servers, hosting, and registrars

  • What you need to know (and don't) about terms like DNS, SQL, PHP, IP Address

  • What your web host doesn't want you to know about bandwidth and space!

  • The key features your web host MUST have or else kick them to the curb!

  • How you can make money from this report just minutes from now

  • And more inside...

This report is yours free, when you claim your free membership right now.


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Bob Jenkins


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